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As internationally connected M&A-Advisors we are presented with a large variety of active requests for cooperations, purchases and sales. We also have contacts to many market players, from manufacture to applications, processing and distribution.


  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

  • Spin offs (products, brands and business units)

  • Management buy in / buy out 

  • Equity and Capital Partners

  • Transfer and successor solutions

  • Joint ventures and cooperations

  • Turn around and crisis management

  • Business Development

Buyers and sellers of companies should contact HESELER confidentially in order to benefit from a strong global network of top consultants, investors, financiers, lawyers and entrepreneurs. Come and join!

Enlarging your core business but in a different country or continent?

HESELER industry experts with their markets skills and knowledge in Germany and Europe pinpoint and open up targets for you which are not yet for sale. Our background as former top managers and M&A professionals allows fast tracking & targeting in order to come up with prompt results.

Experience has shown that it is often more expedient to buy a company or a business segment than to build it up from scratch.

HESELER provides targeted consulting services for mergers and acquisitions in Germany and Europe and assists you in securing a market entry through M&A transactions or to strengthen existing business areas. HESELER supports his clients setting out for market or segment leadership via Buy and Build.

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